The HTF is a traditional German farm and enclosed farmyard dating mostly from the late 19th century although the vast network of underground cellars date from a much earlier date. The setting and layout lend themselves to all kinds of BDSM activities and play both indoors and outdoors and with Madame Catarina at the helm slaves can be assured of a very memorable visit.

The HTF is very much a work in progress and new facilities are being added all the time. At present the facilities include


Beneath the farm runs a maze of ancient brickwork cellars and tunnels. At the centre of this intricate web lies Madame Catarina’s special cellar. There are plenty of other cellars to keep slaves prisoner but the special cellar has been fitted with a cage and a heater. It is here deep below ground that Madame Catarina loves to interrogate and torture her slaves

To see Madame Catarina at work on her slaves in the cellar take a look at the following movies.

Dungeon/ play room

There is an excellent purpose built play room/ dungeon fitted with a Saint Andrew’s cross, suspension frame, cage and an examination couch. Of course Madame Catarina has a well- furnished dungeon in the centre of Berlin and often takes all manner of delights to the farm with her.

This dungeon/ play room does not feature in any movies to date.


There is plenty of stabling and overnight stays tethered in the barn or the pig pens are always an option. There are also plenty of wonderful features in the barns that can be used for Madame Catarina’s pleasure and a slave’s pain

Check out the following movies to see how Madame Catarina’s imagination can transform a humble barn into a palace of pain and torture.

Outdoor Play Area

The farm is built in the traditional enclosed farmyard design which means the central courtyard area is of a substantial size and is impossible to overlook. There is a whipping stake, a pool which is very useful for suspension and plenty of room for horse riding, dog training boot camp and of course sulky racing. Madame Catarina makes good use of this private play space in her movies. Take a look at these:

And of course shower facilities are available

Activities available

This is obviously not a definitive list but gives an indication of the sort of activities the Hidden Torture Farm lends itself to and of course Madame Catarina’s specialities and interests.

Kidnapping and interrogation

Due to the isolation of the Hidden Torture Farm it makes an ideal location for kidnap scenarios and interrogation role play. If you have ever imagined being taken from the street and ...

  • Pet Play
  • Pony
  • Pig
  • Dog
  • Bootcamp
  • Traditional Dungeon Sessions

The Location

The Hidden Torture Farm is close to the village Treuenbrietzen, less then one hour south from Berlin-West. The train station of Treuenbrietzen is 20min by car away or let us organise a shuttle service also from the airport Schönefeld. More details are not possible otherwise it would be no hidden torture farm.