"Hidden Torture Farm - The Special Event"

Madame Catarina together with special guest Lady Stella from the 14th to 16th May 2016
Book now as places and overnight slave accommodation are limited

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Kidnapping / Interrogation/ Torture/ Imprisoned in a cellar

You are walking along the street, suddenly you are threatened, there is a gun, a bag over your head and you are
bundled into the trunk of a car. Kidnapped!
The car stops. A Police check point. The lady cop dressed in leather, is she really a cop? Too late! A cellar, helpless,
interrogated, they have no mercy. What follows? Who knows? Maybe solitary confinement, punishment, re-education,
slave training, maybe you will be degraded to the status of an animal, made into their pet or broken with military drill?
There is no escape an electrically charged chastity belt with a range of 300 m is always in their hands, their fingers on
the button... There is no place on the farm that they do not control you.


Wearing the appropriate clothing and at the agreed place you will be carrying your luggage; A toothbrush. It is enough. 
You will be guided to the military medical examination where the doctor will examine you meticulously. All personal belongings
will be taken. Your new home is a barren and lonely place, as you will find locked in solitary confinement. At dawn the whistle
signals from across the yard and it begins; the shouting, the mud and the freezing cold water. They have no mercy as they
take you to your physical and mental limits and beyond. 


Are you the pony that is sometimes stubborn? The bridle, bit and the whip will make you obedient both
under the saddle or harnessed before the mistresses chariot. At night, you may sleep in the stable with a
bed of straw, but any misconduct will be immediately punished. In the worst case the pony will be castrated,
but rest assured even the stallion will have no easy task..
As a dog, however, you will be trained to unconditional obedience; you will obey the mistresses’ commands.
You will fetch, sit, lie down and eat from a bowl and of course ‘cock a leg’ as real dogs do...maybe in the nearby village.

In-/ Outdoor Sessions:

Of course you can also book a more classic stay in the air-conditioned studio or blend this with outdoor elements.
The Studio is of course equipped with our own private equipment. 


Medical treatments leaded by Dr. Lady Stella and attended by Dr. Psycho Madame Catarina are also possible:



Additional information

All scenarios are of course interchangeable and can be expanded and tailored to your specific needs and requirements
We can provide a discrete ‘slave shuttle’ from the nearest train station, Tegel and Schoenefeld airports and the smaller
hotels and guesthouses within an 8km radius of the farm.

The accommodation is suitable for all possible scenarios

Because of the limited places a non-negotiable 30% deposit is absolutely essential

Both ladies will take care of your education whilst at the farm-Remember you can book an individual appointment to see
either mistress in their own studios at any time, but this option is not available during the event.

The location is well known from my films as "hidden torture farm". This four-sided farmyard is located 50 minutes’ drive from
Berlin-West / started at the urban freeway "Avus".

Much is possible and so much more … A holiday on the farm has never been more different

Outdoor Pool

For requests or bookings feel free to use our FORM or send us an email:

Info@Madame-Catarina.com * LadyStella@LadyStella.de * contact@hiddentorturefarm.com